National Sickie Day

National Sickie Day

Yes it’s a real thing and it’s not just a case of the Monday blues… The first Monday in February is statistically the most likely time an employee will pull a sickie. ELAS estimated that the number of employees calling in sick on the 2017 National Sickie Day was 350,000 and predicted it would cost the UK economy around £45 million. This is due to the resulting lost hours, wages and overtime costs.

Monday Blues

But why the first Monday in February? There are a number of reasons behind it. It’s the first weekend after Dry January and the first week after the post-Christmas pay day. It’s also one of the top recruitment interview days. After thinking about the future over the Christmas holidays a lot of people decide to look for a job change. As a result, they spend January considering their next move and then start interviewing in February.

Unplanned absence days are becoming a massive constraint on businesses. The Office of National Statistics reported that there was 131.2 million sickness absence days in 2017 averaging 4.1 days of sickness absence days per employee. This leads to huge financial implications with sick pay, cover and overtime costs. It’s time to change how businesses approach their health and wellbeing strategies so they can reduce their absence days and boost productivity.

Randox Health EveryBusiness

Our EveryBusiness corporate service aims to provide a unique health and wellbeing service for your business. EveryBusiness will benefit you and your employees and improve the productivity of your business. Our EveryBusiness service is for employers trying to improve the health and wellbeing of their employees and by doing so benefit from the results of creating a unique health and wellbeing environment.

Research has found that workplace wellness strategies make good business sense. It has been established that investing in employee health can reduce absenteeism, improve job satisfaction, productivity and enhance corporate image.

EveryBusiness can be tailored to your business and its structure because of this it will benefit you and your employees by:

  • Strengthening the knowledge and understanding of your employee’s health allowing them to improve their lifestyle, preventing illness and absence within your business
  • Giving your business a better understanding behind sickness and absence rates
  • Creating a structured approach to evaluate, plan, implement and review health and wellbeing within your business
  • Giving you and your employees, the data required to manage and maintain a healthy life, enabling them to live healthier for longer

Client Testimonial

The greatest accreditation we can achieve is the positive feedback from businesses that have benefitted from Randox Health. Watch below a testimonial video from our EveryBusiness client CMI. Listen to their sales manager Paul Ramm answer some questions about their experience with the Randox Health EveryBusiness service.

Contact a member of our team who can give you a break down of our services and the benefits they will have on your business.

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